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Political Principles a Discovery Journey

September 2018 was quite the month—its political related events stimulated discussions and thoughts at a deeper than normal level. For one of my young mentees, the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination process brought out the good and bad side of many people, so we had discussions, many discussions. The Atlantic Magazine’s June 2018 cover story, Read more

Eating Habits

A brilliance struck me. Unexpectedly! I research food and beverage trends as part of my job, therefore to find and read Ian Spreadbury’s “Comparison with ancestral diets suggests dense acellular carbohydrates promote an inflammatory microbiota, and may be the primary dietary cause of leptin resistance and obesity” was normal. As I finished the article, I sat back in my chair and exhaled. I smiled. Read more

My Route to Health

To be in good health, three aspects of life must be addressed: Your brain, the food you intake, and the activity of your body.  I base my life on these works.  I’ve found them indispensable on my journey to healthy living. Read more

Speaking of Dietary Guidelines

The New York Times article prompted me to think, why do we need updated food guidelines?  There is no good reason.  The basics of food have been understood for ages.  New products, and new science results seem to merely reinforce what was already assumed.  The standard for communicating advice should be—the tried and true.  Until,  the tried and true are proven false.  Read more

Managing Stress, Life Lessons Confirmed

While science needs proof in specific forms, humans have the power of intuition.  Studies such as these are inconclusive for developing broad policy guidelines.  But for me, the study confirms established beliefs: Read more

A Potential Solution for Healthcare

Dem leaders ‘leaning strongly’ toward opt-out for public healthcare plan –

This may yet be the smartest thing to come out of Washington.  By allowing states to opt-in or out, a true safety net is created.  And, the adventurous can go first with the late adopters learning lessons at others expense.   Impressed

Medical Malpractice–The Waste Created

The NY Times reports on reasonable evidence that supports my long held belief—doctors need the equivalent of “safe harbor practices.”  Safe harbor polices are well ingrained in Read more

Health Care Reform–My two cents

The United States of America has many wonderful qualities, but not its healthcare system.  The rancorous debate during the last three months has exposed many flaws in our healthcare system. Sadly, I am becoming doubtful that true reform will exist.  Despite my doubts, however, I too, feel compelled to weigh in with my prescription for healthcare reform. Read more

Organic ‘has no health benefits’–What Rubbish

BBC NEWS | Health | Organic ‘has no health benefits’.

Can’t help but be disgusted when scientific studies, without value, are published with misleading headlines.  This BBC article is a classic example. The article reports its findings, all the while Read more

Healthcare Reform–Reflections

The thing I don’t get about health-care reform is, how are we going to balance the right to receive, with an incentive to perform.  The more I think about, we should lose the perspective of right and wrong solutions, and focus on balancing conflicting forces.

As the government takes profit out of specializing in medical services (in the media they say control costs, reduce fraud, and other creative terms), they will drive people willing to provide medical services out of the business.   And without people innovating: creating new machines, discovering new drugs, or perfecting treatments, for example, the quality of health care will lower.

Yet, the society must Read more

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