California Redistricting – My Input

Well I’ve submitted my input to the California Redistricting Commission.  I love this process.  Removing conflict of interest is a big improvement, I hope, in the election process.  My input in part is below.

My community of interest is the South Bay, a geographic area withing the boundary of Los Angeles County. I live in Redondo Beach, and the interest that bind my community include:

  1. the Pacific Ocean, which form our western and southern border
  2. our commuting lanes, which lead generally to either the 405 freeway (north south major streets), the 110 freeway (east west major streets), or the ocean which lay to the west and south. And,
  3. the industrial work centers, for example:
    1. refineries in El Segundo & Torrance
    2. aerospace and defense work in El Segundo, and Redondo Beach
    3. tourism in Manhattan, Redondo and Hermosa Beach

Because we share in close proximity recreation, and major industry, this area should have single representation of government. The people of the South Bay criss cross each other daily and in many ways are in constant social contact throughout the course of living our daily lives. Thus, single representation would allow a common voice to trade off sometimes difficult choices between industry, recreation, and quality of life.

The South Bay is generally identified by the set of Los Angeles county cities wholly within the boundary of the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Pacific Ocean to the South, Western Boulevard to the East and Imperial Boulevard to the North. Specifically the listed cities are contiguous, interconnected in their daily lives, compact, and represent a population with balance and breadth of race, income, and social status.

Cities Population
Rancho Palos Verdes 41,643
Rolling Hills 1,860
Rolling Hills Estates 8,067
Palos Verdes Estates 13,438
Torrance 145,438
Redondo Beach 66,748
Hermosa Beach 19,506
Lomita 20,256
Lawndale 32,769
Hawthorne 84,293
Manhattan Beach 35,135
El Segundo 16,654


While I didn’t include the detailed statistics, the Commission certainly has them, this group of cities has the population to be one State Assembly District, and thus I would expect, be entirely included inside a Congressional District, and other higher level groupings.  The statistics by racial group are as follows:


Demographic Group % of Population
Non Hispanic White 45.9%
Non Hispanic Black 7.0%
Non Hispanic Asian 18.8%
Non Hispanic Other 4.4%
Hispanic White 11.9%
Hispanic Other 12.0%

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