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On March 4, 2019 an article was published about the effort in the Nevada State Assembly to join a compact with other states to in essence remove the role of the electorial college in electing the President of the United States.

In response to this article I sent the following letter, with small modifications, to my elected representatives Govener Steve Sisolak, Assembly person Sandra Jaurequi, and Senator Keith Pickard. Enjoy,

Dear Representative:

I’m writing you to express my view of Assembly Bill 186 that would implement “The Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote.” I am a constituent in your district.

This bill came to my attention based on an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal by Colton Lochhead, which was published on March 4th and my reading of the bill from the NELIS website (https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/NELIS/REL/80th2019/Bill/6289/Text). I believe this agreement is a horrible idea for our nation. And, I encourage you to use your position and energy to defeat this bill.

My belief is rooted in the weaknesses of human behavior and decision making for the society, and a crucial element for democracy to continue successfully. The relevant weaknesses for this subject matter is human overconfidence. The crucial element for democracy’s success is the power of the minority voices to be heard.

As a society we have numerous areas where we implement rules that mitigate over confidence in our fellow citizens. A prime example, is requiring a jury to find guilt beyond a reasonable doubt by a 12-0 vote, not a majority opinion. Majority rule, in its worse actualization, is mob rule. And, in judging the guilt of a fellow citizen, and electing a president to lead us all, the society should demand a higher standard than simple majority vote—especially a majority vote by people who are not Nevada citizens. I cannot think of a better way to drown out the voice of Nevada citizens that to defer its votes to a majority of votes who are outside the Nevada jurisdiction.

If you’d prefer an adjustment to the current direction to Nevada’s Presidential Electors, then allocate them in the same manner as they are allocated to Nevada in the US constitution. Two electoral votes based on the state wide vote totals—reflective as the manner US Senators from Nevada are elected, and four electorial votes each on the basis of the congressional districts current applied in the state. In this manner, the voices of Nevada votes are heard in their complete diversity, which is a necessary component to keeping the faith of the citizens and encouraging democracy participation—A most important goal.

Thank you

Aaron D. Jackson

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