Multiple Messages and Audiences – New York Times

Multiple Messages and Audiences – New York Times

A well stated piece. President Bush, will never face the fact that the strategy his administration put in play, created a quagmire for the US, either install a new dictator/become an occupier and admit democracy cannot hold without force or leave and let a civil war ensue vowing to work with the ultimate winner.

Forthcoming in the near future:

  1. A more powerful Iran, because previously repressed Shiites get a new nation state.
  2. Three nation states in what used to be called Iraq
  3. A new battle front as a Kurdish nation state creates great tension in Turkey and Norther Iran.

Democrats get ready, these will be your foreign policy issues to address.

Oh, and the fear of oil being used as a weapon, not a chance, its the only access to hard currency available. Even for knuckle head leaders (Venezuela, Iran, etc.) soldiers must be paid, and bullets and food must be purchased.

PS. Did anyone notice that the friends in Pakistan are behaving more and more like a dictator, and less and less like a democracy. Demonstrating once again that democracy is not the principle America supports.

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