A weekend conversation

Good friends are invaluable. They allow us to relax our guard, sputter crazy ideas, experiment with new notions, among the valuable roles fulfilled. This weekend, I thought about what I desire for Christmas. And in discussing my thoughts with my friend, I made a self-discovery of something I always knew, but never really put into practice.

Resultantly several questions were pondered. Such as:

Question: “Why should I join a health club?”

Answer: To have a place where I introduce physical activity into my life

Question: “Why do I want to introduce physical activity into my life?”

Answer: Because physical activity is a necessary component of a long healthy life

Question: “Why do I need to introduce physical activity into my life?”

Answer: Because the nature of my work, and commute remove physical activity from my daily life. Work, sleeping and commuting are inactive activities and a large portion of my week—about 110 of the 168 hours that I am alive in a week—therefore, a cost of my lifestyle is to include physical activity through my leisure activities.

Question: “Why do I need a place, a new place in particular, to become physically active?”

Answer: Because I see no plausible reason to pay for exclusive space when a shared space will do just fine. Exclusive space cost money. For example, as a larger than necessary home or as equipment and accessories that have too much idle time. How many treadmills operate as dirty clothes collectors?

Question: “What type of place is needed for capture the desired life benefits?”

Answer: I need variety, socialization, and support. Life’s activities which lack these three aspects of human behavior, have a short duration with me. I get bored. Thus a self-motivated playground was fine as a toddler, and teenager, because of the social aspects of playing in the park. However, as an adult, jogging on a road, even with Ipod, misses the key elements.

So there is my discovery for today. I need a health club. Not for the basic equipment or classes, but as a place I’m willing to trust with extending my life. And in that sense, I can make a selection based on what qualities earn my trust. My place will not be low-cost (that is a relative statement), but then, why would I want to skimp money on extending my life.

That’s another good question.

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