Sustaining Democracy

During the Bush administration there were many conversations regarding how to establish democracy, or how would we know if democracy has held sway in the environment.  This Washington Post article As Anbar Counts Votes, Sheiks Voice Defiance illustrates my key thought–Democracy holds, when the loser is willing to stay within the system as a route to gaining power.  This condition crucially relies on the right of minority view points to have a voice in government.

This right is crucial to my labeling the Bush Administration wrong when they governed with the logic that believed, “if I win the vote, then I can do what I want.”  And equally, why the Obama Administration’s promise is so right.

Within the last two weeks, the House of Representatives has passed a stimulus bill without a single Republican vote.  A shameful result.  The Democrats have signaled everything George Bush did wrong, and nothing of what Obama promised.

Let’s hope the checks and balances of the US government works appropriately in the near future.  The need for stimulus, and the need for hope demands a new way forward.

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