For Success, Some Values are More Important

When I read the interview with William Green, link below, my mentee and godchildren came to mind.   I am committed to their success, and therefore, constantly on the lookout for new methods to communicate my beliefs about succeeding.  Reaching the young and making a lasting impact requires that reference points in their mind are touched.  And since I don’t fully understand what’s inside their mind (just not possible), new and creative ways are needed to help communicate.   In this article, I thought a few good points were made.

Key Values

  • Competence
  • Confidence
  • Caring

Having the ability to do, implicitly or explicitly, what you promise others that you can do is competence. And developing competence takes practice, time and effort–so work at something.

Developing the willingness to speak up about what you know is confidence.  Many misinterpret confidence as believing there is a high probability of succeeding—not true.  A better thought, I’m confident when I am willing to share what I know.

William Green defines caring in the best way: “giving a damn about your customers, your company, the people around you.”  Caring, a quality too often forgotten in humanity.

Key Principles

  1. It’s a sign of strength to ask for help.  People do not succeed as islands.
  2. The abilities to receive advice, information, or counsel as thoughts, and to combine these thoughts with existing knowledge to form a new thought are strong indicators of success.
  3. Convey to others how you have dealt with adversity—it’s the best way to show your strengths.  Interviewing for jobs or setting the perception with a new boss, keep relevant stories in mind.  In adverse situations, we demonstrate what we have learned, skills we rely on, actions others can count on, and decisions we made.

Corner Office – William D. Green of Accenture Values 3 Rules for Success – Interview –


  1. Karen Miller says:

    You are such a good godfather. Thanks for sharing this insight. You know it goes to all three,whether they read it or not.

  2. Aaron says:

    Thanks Karen, for the comment and for trusting me. All three read–I’d expect no less 🙂

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