Fiscal Cliff — a poor term for a good event

Many recent press articles have used the term ‘fiscal cliff’ to describe the December 2012 budget events of tax increases and government spending cuts.   Such a description is biased and underlies the author’s inherent priority of economic activity over fiscal health.  Worse in many readers minds, I fear, the act of saving is demonized as the cause of poor economic activity.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Continue reading “Fiscal Cliff — a poor term for a good event”

Negotiating at Impasse—A question of Values

When negotiating many people suggest that the participants start with common objectives.  This advice, assumes of course, negotiating efficiency is valued.  However, the negotiations for the debt ceiling increase remind me that it is common values, not objectives, that create efficiency in negotiations.  The federal government, as has the California state government of the last three years, illustrates this point clearly. Continue reading “Negotiating at Impasse—A question of Values”

Famous Last Words

Geithner says Obama will bring down deficits – Yahoo Finance.

The article above is an example of politicians setting expectations, and creating an environment with the opportunity to fail–that is win the next election.  However, the Obama Administration has been long short on explaining how they will cut the deficit. One report suggested their sights are set on 3% of GDP, from the latest estimates of 12.5% of GDP.  Good Luck. Continue reading “Famous Last Words”

Sustaining Democracy

During the Bush administration there were many conversations regarding how to establish democracy, or how would we know if democracy has held sway in the environment.  This Washington Post article As Anbar Counts Votes, Sheiks Voice Defiance illustrates my key thought–Democracy holds, when the loser is willing to stay within the system as a route to gaining power.  This condition crucially relies on the right of minority view points to have a voice in government.

This right is crucial to my labeling the Bush Administration wrong when they governed Continue reading “Sustaining Democracy”

Multiple Messages and Audiences – New York Times

Multiple Messages and Audiences – New York Times

A well stated piece. President Bush, will never face the fact that the strategy his administration put in play, created a quagmire for the US, either install a new dictator/become an occupier and admit democracy cannot hold without force or leave and let a civil war ensue vowing to work with the ultimate winner.

Forthcoming in the near future: Continue reading “Multiple Messages and Audiences – New York Times”

Letter To My Elected Representative

The time for playing political games is over. You owe your constituents an effort to bring about the two legitimate debates the American people have not had during the Bush administration:

  1. What are the limits of presidential authority under the currently approved 2002 resolution for war?, and
  2. What is the appropriate use of preemptive military force in the name of national security?

Previous congressional sessions approved an overly broad war resolution with little guidance for the courts and the public concerning the views of Congress, and with hindsight, there clearly is a difference of opinion regarding the breadth of approval for military conduct. This country deserves to have the question of executive branch authority addressed, especially in light of this administration’s expansion of executive branch powers for the purpose of protecting national security. Continue reading “Letter To My Elected Representative”