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Why Feelings of Guilt May Signal Leadership Potential | Stanford Graduate School of Business

I loved this article.   I found it an interesting way to say that people with empathy for others, and a sense of responsibility toward promises, make great leaders.   The combination of traits are hard to hone—It is difficult to care enough to get something done for others.   But I like the thought.

Why Feelings of Guilt May Signal Leadership Potential | Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Thoughts That Make Me Go Hum

I had an interesting dream this morning; I woke up thinking that my mother, my brother and I should go to Louisiana and walk our land, just to make sure that everything is as it should be. As I told my mother of this dream, she laughed. She enjoyed the obvious influence her recent story of how my grandfather would walk his property everyday. His purpose was to make sure the fence was okay and that no animals were wondering around where they should not be. Animals were money for my grandfather and he was not the type to let money go wandering around unattended.

I also laugh at the modern day version of this management approach: “You have to inspect what you expect”. As a sales manger, I can’t begin to tell you how many times, I have heard this expression, and when you are selling food products through this nations 30,000 plus grocery and convenience stores, there is no substitute for getting out into the marketplace and seeing what the consumer sees first hand. It is the reality of managing a collection of people, separated by distance, time, and awareness of facts, who all have separate decisions to make about how to get the product on the shelf. In this environment evidence of performance, becomes critical to avoid paying for nothing. Read more

What Does Success Require?

The February 2007 issue of Harvard Business Review has a great article with the title How Managers’ Everyday Decisions Create or Destroy Your Company’s Strategy. One sentence intrigued me immensely, “Strategy is crafted as managers at all levels of a company commit resources to policies, programs, people, and facilities.”

Is this true? You mean, strategy is not a divine thought from the brightest and best minds housed in the corporate office: the brand managers’ perfectly laid-out master plan; or the general manager’s latest proclamation of the company way? No, strategy is the sum of the parts—Those thousands of decisions that dictate the use of resources at any moment. Read more

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