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The U.S. Must Manufacture to Innovate

The U.S. Must Manufacture to Innovate — And Provide Jobs – Is the U.S. Killing Its Innovation Machine? – Harvard Business Review.

I thought this article was very good, but one point of the argument I just can’t agree with Read more

Free Trade–Not Always The Solution

The World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund have both followed a prescription of encouraging free trade.  Some of the devastating effects are included in this article available on  Bloomberg.com: Exclusive.  Encouraging countries to avoid self-sufficiency in their food supply is a very dangerous act.   Poor countries, especially, do not have a consistent set of services or goods that they can export, which is both needed to purchase imported food and the very reason they are poor.  Encouraging specialization in a small country, the ultimate aim of free trade, is in effect and investment strategy that ignores diversification and insurance principles.   And for a small country far too risky. Read more

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