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Rand Paul–Rational to the Point of Harmful

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Watching the entire video, makes me shake my head.  Because I can’t help but recognize Rand Paul, as the worst kind of rational thinker.  Rational to the point that he loses all sense of empathy for the fellow members of his society.  Protective to the point of rationalizing rights for individuals that he can’t choose how to balance between individuals living within the same group. Read more

A Framework for Health Care Reform

Healthcare in the US is in turmoil, not because some disease or threat to the well being of the society is out of control, but because the economic models for delivering the health care services is out of line. More and more Americans are having their wealth expectations thrown out of perspective because they cannot adequately estimate, finance or provide for the healthcare services they desire. There are many reasons for this, yet the political proposals to address these problems all seem far too simplistic.

President Bush appears to believe supply and demand will reign in control of spiraling cost and bring access to quality healthcare to the mass of society. For many situations, this is just ridiculous. When President Bush said in the State of the Union address that medical professionals and patients make the best decisions, I almost threw up. Read more

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