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A Potential Solution for Healthcare

Dem leaders ‘leaning strongly’ toward opt-out for public healthcare plan – TheHill.com.

This may yet be the smartest thing to come out of Washington.  By allowing states to opt-in or out, a true safety net is created.  And, the adventurous can go first with the late adopters learning lessons at others expense.   Impressed

The heat is on to perform circumcision

South Africa Is Seen to Lag in H.I.V. Fight – NYTimes.com.

A related look to my post of last night.  Clearly this phenomena was part of the driving behavior for the scientific experiment in Uganda.   Worth noting, is the scientific support that circumcision is a good health practice.  Note though, that this article only references transfer of HIV from women to men, not men to women.

As such I stand by my earlier thoughts, Read more

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