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With Less Money Around It’s Time to Focus on Profits

Recent financial market trends support my belief that the engine for the global economy has moved to Asia. The recent article in the New York Times Asia Leads the Global End to Cheap Money, seems to support my view as well. The implications for investors feel straightforward. Globally, there will be relatively less money Read more

Fed Pledges to Keep Rates Low for ‘Extended Period’

Fed Pledges to Keep Rates Low for ‘Extended Period’ Update5 – Bloomberg.com.

Thus, we can expect relatively low interest rates, until the rest of the world causes inflation in the US.  The most likely scenario to cause inflation for the US—growth in the rest of the world out pacing the United States.  There are two conditions that Read more

It’s Time Invest Again

This week, I placed an investment buy order. In reaching this decision, my intuition says now is the time. I’m not suggesting converting one investment into another, that’s a different analytical exercise. But buying means taking available cash, delaying spending, Read more

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