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U.S. official resigns over Afghan war–Why?

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war – Washington Post- msnbc.com.

This is one of those stories where the pertinent question is, “why did this make news?”  As I read the store I found many points to agree with.  And for the record I’ve always had difficulty with efforts trying to influence and or specify how others should live.  Don’t like it when Christian Conservatives Read more

Multiple Messages and Audiences – New York Times

Multiple Messages and Audiences – New York Times

A well stated piece. President Bush, will never face the fact that the strategy his administration put in play, created a quagmire for the US, either install a new dictator/become an occupier and admit democracy cannot hold without force or leave and let a civil war ensue vowing to work with the ultimate winner.

Forthcoming in the near future: Read more

Is It the Ends or the Means that Matter

Did you see the Iraq War news story on Anderson Cooper’s show the other night? The one where America’s Commanders are now arming Sunni militias, and turning their back on the same vile abusive behavior we have asked that they stop American troops from performing. See the transcript at CNN Anderson’s Transcripts. Arming a former enemy is ridiculous. Hiring and supplying thugs for dirty assignments is deplorable. Wishfully, everyone would have learned this lesson in their youth. Read more

Letter To My Elected Representative

The time for playing political games is over. You owe your constituents an effort to bring about the two legitimate debates the American people have not had during the Bush administration:

  1. What are the limits of presidential authority under the currently approved 2002 resolution for war?, and
  2. What is the appropriate use of preemptive military force in the name of national security?

Previous congressional sessions approved an overly broad war resolution with little guidance for the courts and the public concerning the views of Congress, and with hindsight, there clearly is a difference of opinion regarding the breadth of approval for military conduct. This country deserves to have the question of executive branch authority addressed, especially in light of this administration’s expansion of executive branch powers for the purpose of protecting national security. Read more

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