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Stop Looking for Passion at Work

The title is filled with irony.  The author of the linked blog post nails the discussion.

#1) Life is more than work and measurable accomplishments

#2) Time and energy are limited resources–how you spend them says a lot about who you are as a person.

#3) Passion renews you energy.  If you are lucky enough to have work (providing for your household) combined with your passion, hurray for you.  If you do not have work and passion interconnected, like most people, enjoy your life and the trade offs that make you happy.   It’s only the people with no passion we should feel sorry for.  Arguing which passion is better, well that is just idiotic.





Speaking of Dietary Guidelines

The New York Times article prompted me to think, why do we need updated food guidelines?  There is no good reason.  The basics of food have been understood for ages.  New products, and new science results seem to merely reinforce what was already assumed.  The standard for communicating advice should be—the tried and true.  Until,  the tried and true are proven false.  Read more

Money Says Nothing – Think About It

The words below are copied from the Daily OM www.dailyom.com.

This reminds me of the most important message, treat people as individuals first and foremost. Among the many dimensions of diversity, this is an appropriate reminder that money is indeed a dimension of diversity, it tells you nothing about the person inside.

Interesting Read more

Stress – It Doesn’t Have To Be

Robert Sapolsky discusses physiological effects of stress

So we do it to ourselves: Stress the manifestation of idle time with intelligence. I love the line where professor Sapolsky says, “Primates are super smart and organized just enough to devote their free time to being miserable to each other and stressing each other out”. So there you have it, an educated explanation of why haters exist.

Indeed the realization of what stress does to you, should be enough to make people slow down and reassess why we do what we do. We all seem to believe that money does not buy happiness, but we rarely act on it. A book by Richard J. Leider and David A. Shapiro entitled repacking your bags – lighten your load for the rest of our life is a nice complement to the arguments professor Sapolsky discusses. In different ways, both support the notion that chasing a dream defined by your relative position to others is just disastrous. Read more

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