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Fiscal Cliff — a poor term for a good event

Many recent press articles have used the term ‘fiscal cliff’ to describe the December 2012 budget events of tax increases and government spending cuts.   Such a description is biased and underlies the author’s inherent priority of economic activity over fiscal health.  Worse in many readers minds, I fear, the act of saving is demonized as the cause of poor economic activity.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Read more

Negotiating at Impasse—A question of Values

When negotiating many people suggest that the participants start with common objectives.  This advice, assumes of course, negotiating efficiency is valued.  However, the negotiations for the debt ceiling increase remind me that it is common values, not objectives, that create efficiency in negotiations.  The federal government, as has the California state government of the last three years, illustrates this point clearly. Read more

Arizona’s Immigration Law

The Governor of Arizona recently signed into law, Senate bill 1070, which addresses the effort of the state to support the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Before the Governor signed the law, news coverage focused on the “get tough” stance of the state, and the opposition of the President, who called the law misguided.

I read the law and conclude that the law is a reasonable action for citizens of Arizona to take, although an action that could have many unintended consequences. Read more

Trial lawyers to Obama: Don’t deal on tort reform in healthcare neogtiations – TheHill.com

Trial lawyers to Obama: Don’t deal on tort reform in healthcare neogtiations – TheHill.com.

But President Obama, unnecessary insurance costs need to be addressed.  Certainly, tort reform, in one shape or another is beneficial to all.

Senate Needs To Act on Student Loan Bill

Now that the house has passed the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act I really hope the Senate gets its version completed early in 2010.  Read more

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war–Why?

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war – Washington Post- msnbc.com.

This is one of those stories where the pertinent question is, “why did this make news?”  As I read the store I found many points to agree with.  And for the record I’ve always had difficulty with efforts trying to influence and or specify how others should live.  Don’t like it when Christian Conservatives Read more

Health Care Reform–My two cents

The United States of America has many wonderful qualities, but not its healthcare system.  The rancorous debate during the last three months has exposed many flaws in our healthcare system. Sadly, I am becoming doubtful that true reform will exist.  Despite my doubts, however, I too, feel compelled to weigh in with my prescription for healthcare reform. Read more

Healthcare Reform–Reflections

The thing I don’t get about health-care reform is, how are we going to balance the right to receive, with an incentive to perform.  The more I think about, we should lose the perspective of right and wrong solutions, and focus on balancing conflicting forces.

As the government takes profit out of specializing in medical services (in the media they say control costs, reduce fraud, and other creative terms), they will drive people willing to provide medical services out of the business.   And without people innovating: creating new machines, discovering new drugs, or perfecting treatments, for example, the quality of health care will lower.

Yet, the society must Read more

Famous Last Words

Geithner says Obama will bring down deficits – Yahoo Finance.

The article above is an example of politicians setting expectations, and creating an environment with the opportunity to fail–that is win the next election.  However, the Obama Administration has been long short on explaining how they will cut the deficit. One report suggested their sights are set on 3% of GDP, from the latest estimates of 12.5% of GDP.  Good Luck. Read more

Geithner On Banking–Nice Try

Saw this article Geithner Says Administration Will Ensure Bank Access to Funding and could not help but make a quick note.  Bulls???  Until the government knows how much money was lost, there is no way to ensure funding.   The premise underlying the actions to date is that the US government can borrow more than the bankers lost (or more than the bank asset holders are going to welsh on in the future).  I’m starting to have my doubts. Read more

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