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The Parenting Challenge – A Review

All Joy and No Fun – New York Magazine

After reading the New York magazine article “All Joy and No Fun, Why parents hate parenting.” I reflected and gave some thought to two core concerns:

  1. What’s the root responsibility of parenting that upsets people?
  2. What is the underlying premise of Jennifer Senior, who wrote the article?

These two questions struck me as central to the piece, because, well, quite frankly, I never thought parenting should be fun. Read more

Learning Doesn’t Everyone Want To?

It constantly amazes me how seemingly unconnected events become connected. Earlier this week, a lunch conversation wandered into a sharing of childhood experiences. Within the many memories and stories discussed, I was asked one question, which I could not answer:

What made you strive to reach for more, when your surroundings contained many people reaching for less?

A few days later, I read the cover story for the March/April 2007 Stanford Alumni magazine. And wham! Dots connected. The cover story, (STANFORD Magazine: March/April 2007 Features Mind-set Research) is a review of the work of Stanford professor Carol Dweck. In reading the review, I discovered that I have a growth mindset.

As I think of stories from my past, I have consistently had this mindset, and it explains so much of my being. At its core, the growth mindset epitomizes the capacity to look at ability as something that can improve with development as opposed to Read more

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