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Notre Dame, other groups file new lawsuits against contraception rule

Quite the contentious issue.  And one worthy I think of the discussion.  The key point, well stated I might add by Rev John Jenkins, Notre Dame’s president ,

If one presidential administration can override our religious purpose and use religious organizations to advance policies that undercut our values, then surely another administration will do the same for another very different set of policies, each time invoking some concept of popular will or the public good, with the result these religious organizations become mere tools for the exercise of government power, morally subservient to the state, and not free from its infringements.

But there is one problem I see Read more

Speaking of Dietary Guidelines

The New York Times article prompted me to think, why do we need updated food guidelines?  There is no good reason.  The basics of food have been understood for ages.  New products, and new science results seem to merely reinforce what was already assumed.  The standard for communicating advice should be—the tried and true.  Until,  the tried and true are proven false.  Read more

A Potential Solution for Healthcare

Dem leaders ‘leaning strongly’ toward opt-out for public healthcare plan – TheHill.com.

This may yet be the smartest thing to come out of Washington.  By allowing states to opt-in or out, a true safety net is created.  And, the adventurous can go first with the late adopters learning lessons at others expense.   Impressed

How to Reduce Energy Costs–One Roof At A Time

By Degrees – White Roofs Catch on as Energy Cost Cutters – Series – NYTimes.com.

This seems like a easy must do to me.  Light colored roofs make all the sense in the world for the Southwest and Southeast.  At some point on the landscape, when you travel north in the Northern Hemisphere the trade off has to occur.  However simple math with the relative cost Read more

Bernanke Has This Idea Dead Wrong

Some things in life are quite simple.  Like the childhood analogy that illustrates deductive reasoning, “if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.”  Money market mutual funds have guaranteed the value of deposits, paid interest, and allowed withdrawals through checks.  Acting like deposit accounts at banks, but avoiding the regulation, and insurance used to stabilize runs on banks.  A great deal if your the manager.   But what acts like a bank should be a bank. Read more

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