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What Makes People Different

I have listed Mindset – The New Psychology of Success as one of my favorite books. That action may indeed be an understatement. Rarely has a single work given me the opportunity to think and expand my thoughts as much as this work by Carol S. Dweck. I must thank her someday. Today, I write my initial thoughts and reactions from reading Mindset. Reading this book stimulates many thoughts and ideas that I can use to improve my life. I sincerely hope this blog encourages you in your own life exploration.

So What Makes People Different

In a phrase, people legitimately differ by whether they have a growth or fixed mindset. Seemingly, forever, people have noted the difference between themselves: physical characteristics, environment, wealth, bloodlines, and many others. Man, in the search to answer complex questions has often turned to the distinguishing characteristics as an explanation. For many, the concept of success, however defined, presents one of these eternal questions: What makes success happen, and why do individuals differ in their success. Read more

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