These parent child relationships illustrate my direct bloodline.  A few conventions will make the series of charts easier to understand.

  1. Parents are listed to the left and children are listed to the right between the parents.
  2. Selecting on a parent allows you to see their parents, and likewise selecting on a child allows you to see their children, if any.
  3. Some males are listed as unknown male.  In these cases, the men could be slaves (from the African continent or Indian tribesmen) or free men (primarily of French or Spanish decent).

Some instances of my bloodline include brothers and sisters, which reflects on the social isolation of the Cane River Creoles of Color in the late 1700's to mid 1800's.  In these situations, I have multiple connections to the same individual.  For example Dominique Metoyer is both my great great great great grandfather and my great great great great great grandfather, and I have a direct bloodline to five of his children.   Rather than show the multiple paths by which I relate to an individual, each person is listed once.

A large portion of my mother's family history from The Forgotten People by Gary B. Mills. This book, among a few others provide an excellent history of my family enclave.

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