Tell me about yourself?

A simple question, but one that can challenge a person's creativity when trying to find a clever response. At times, I find fascinating the range of approaches I use to answer this question. Asked from a creepy stranger, I can pacify them while politely eliminating any follow up discussion, but from a welcomed questioner, I can easily engage them and, if fortunate enough, make a new friend.

Some people assess their response with the speed of light, devouring the list of possibilities; What do I say? What story do I tell? How do I be unique and original? Their brains act in a hyperactive mode firing neurons and making connections barely comprehendible.

But on the internet, the questioner guides the tour, while I the welcoming subject provide the content. Thus, let me begin our introduction, "Hi, I'm Aaron, please tell me what story you'd like to hear?"

Story Selections