You can learn about a person by taking good measure of their values, skills, and family.  In this section of the Web site, you will learn the results of my introspective exercises, as well as the feedback from past peers, bosses, and subordinates.  I hope you enjoy your time exploring my inner workings. The depth of my pedigree's documentation is due to the research skills of my mother.

My Values

Here you will find the values I strive to live by.  More than vague notions and concepts of wishful thinking, these values are selected for the effect they have on my behavioral choices past and future.

My Skills

Here you will find the skills and competencies I bring with me to every situation.  Most are displayed small chunks at a time, but all are lurking, waiting for the opportunity to be useful and productive.

My Pedigree

Here you will find my direct bloodline—parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on.  My direct bloodlines trace back 11 generations to the early 1700's.  MY heritage is predominantly descendant from Africa and France.

Story Selections