You can learn a lot about a person when you take measure of their collections, their interest pursued, and the things they produce.  Here you will find my stuff.  Enjoy your time with this content, and I hope you find something of mutual interest, or at the least, helpful.


My Interest

My latest hobbies and projects.  As we age, I believe one’s interest areas help maintain an active mind and raise the level of enjoyment in life.  See for yourself how I choose to spend my precious time.


My Library 

Here are the works of other that I have found inspirational.  The collection varies, ranging from academic materials, to paintings.  But all the pieces have a unique story, which collectively help make me, me.


My Things

Here will be works I produce.  Some might be for sale but others will be shared freely.  Collectively these things will represent my positive contributions.  I hope you find them worthy of your time and energy.

Story Selections