How to Reduce Energy Costs–One Roof At A Time

By Degrees – White Roofs Catch on as Energy Cost Cutters – Series –

This seems like a easy must do to me.  Light colored roofs make all the sense in the world for the Southwest and Southeast.  At some point on the landscape, when you travel north in the Northern Hemisphere the trade off has to occur.  However simple math with the relative cost of energy and energy usage estimates make it easy to estimate the value of converting.

Now, how do you get people to react.   Seems to me local area building codes are the appropriate place to address this issue.  But there will be lots of fits.   Hopefully the people who sponsored this article, are the roofing industry folks who are seeking a way to generate demand.

Just maybe, public relations, and government lobbying might be generating some public good.  Let’s hope so.

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